Self-Identity vs. Ego-Identity


Investing your pride in your ego-identity leads to ill-health.  Invest it in the Self leads to abundance.  The Self extends far beyond your ego.  The ego is where you consciously operate your being, but it is not the sum of your whole Self, which is a vast oceanic wellspring of your unconscious drives and impulses, your inspiration and instincts, even opposing aspects of yourself, and informs your place in the universe.

The Self is the channel through which the divine or higher wisdom communicates.  It is an unconscious force that is not to be confused with the “shoulds” of the superego or the merely selfish desires of the ego.  It is the sense of what you are meant to be when your soul is cut free from the puppet strings of the superego and ego and allowed to dance joyously on its own.

It allows you to become one with the process and flow of what you are doing, not caring about whether what you do meets your expectations, or whether it helps you develop any self-conscious image to others.  This is when you enter into the cosmic dance with the rest of the universe, because you are set free.  The order of the universe is only realizable through this freedom.

The unconscious contains a treasure chest of the soul’s wealth.  Freud labeled the whole unconscious as “id,” or your dark side, but the unconscious is much, much more than your dark side.

Here I will be using spiritual language, but if you are not spiritual, replace the word “God” with Higher Wisdom.  The Self is the tool of God, and yes, be proud of being a tool!  Usually being called a “tool” is an insult, but that sounds wounding only from an ego-standpoint.  Accepting that you are a tool is both a matter of great humility and pride.

The Self needs to be revealed.  It is informed by the accumulation of your experiences and your reflections on them, so never expect any single experience in isolation to be ultimate, even if it is the most current.  The Self will lead you, so allow yourself to stray if your unconscious voice tells you to.  But you will never be astray, for you will be on the right path.

“The right way to wholeness is made up, unfortunately, of fateful detours and wrong turnings. It is a longissima via, not straight but snakelike, a path that unites the opposites in the manner of the guiding caduceus, a path whose labyrinthine twists and turns are not lacking in terrors.” ~Carl Jung

As a University of Georgia professor of philosophy Dr. John Granrose once wrote of this quote, “‘nor lacking in rewards’ would be my only addition.”

5 Comments on “Self-Identity vs. Ego-Identity

    1. I am sure in a way, I believe this is what Nietzsche is getting at. He in many respects asks us to transcend the ego. Just in my personal opinion, he does confuse certain aspects of the ego with the Self. For instance, I don’t believe one to be “above” others. More like we all have the potential to be rich expressions. But I agree with him that we can thrive and be powerful, rather than live a small fraction of what we can become.

      1. Would you agree with the statement: Se-Ni axis is closer to Nietzsche’s Self.
        If agree: Is there a good example of Ne-Si axis ideal of Self?

        1. My opinion is that as a philosopher he speaks to everyone and at the same time is expressing personal preferences. As a person on the Ne-Si axis, I still identify strongly with a lot with what he says, such as his empowerment of others. He does have an Se-Ni spin on it for sure. Ne-Si would be creating abundant opportunities (Ne) and ensuring they happen (Si). Basically Nietzsche advocates living richly and be the creator of our lives, that is something all types can do.

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