Your Sexy Soul (and the World’s)

I have not met a single person whose essence is inherently unworthy, unattractive, or meaningless. As a life coach, there has never been a single case in my experience, and I know from my intuition that this is never the case.

I can peer behind any guise that anyone has mistaken for their very own identity that tells them they are dead inside, a guise that people trap around their souls like a coffin. With x-ray vision, I see the light of their souls swirling inside, knocking at the coffin door at every turn, only to be met by deaf ears.  I point at the lock, and if one chooses to open it, we watch in awe together as a beautiful soul thunders out, infinitely larger than the forgettable coffin itself.

People are simply at different levels of self-belief in themselves; those with the least self-belief feel dead inside since they have forgotten about their souls, those with moderate self-belief know they have a soul but have not yet watched it begin to truly thunder, and there are those with tremendous self-belief whose souls express themselves powerfully and whose journeys are still never at an end, as souls have unlimited self-expression. No soul is superior or inferior to another’s—it is all just different levels of self-belief hindering or enabling their expression.

If each soul were unleashed and allowed to grow like forsythia the size of a red oak (Google “forsythia” to see how lovely they are), there will be no petty quantitative differences between souls that measure whose is better and whose is worse.  Instead there will be qualitative differences—each soul a magnum opus, a true masterpiece!  There is no one best, but billions of bests around the world.  You can no longer look at one masterpiece and say that you seen it all.

Imagine what a world it would be if we are all in it together, to inspire each other to grow, grow, GROW with our own growth.  Our synergy together will only bring together our energies to multiply, exponentialize—weaving together into one all-encompassing masterpiece the whole universe is living and breathing.

There will be no more taking away in order to gain for oneself, or losing oneself in order for others to gain. Such mentality, which is viewed as “reality,” is simply a status quo born out of the delusion there is only one masterpiece one can become.  That “masterpiece” is not even a beautiful one, but an ugly, decrepit one manufactured out of society’s expectations, bloated with Botox.  We already all seen it before—boring! Put down that tracing paper and let’s see what creative things we can do!

Let us form a culture in which a broader, healthier, richer perspective can take place, politically and socially. Let us transform education to embody a new mindset that let children access their own knowing of their worth, attractiveness, and meaning-making.  I believe it all starts with each individual realizing, expressing, and encouraging these qualities in themselves and others.

This is much more realistic than the delusion of only one masterpiece to become which has been treated as being “pragmatic” or “realistic.” This worldview is actually the Great Unreality of today that is locking the world in its own coffin.  It doesn’t sound very practical to me, and I think the pragmatic thing to do is actually unlock it!

So what can we do practically? What I do is showing in my thoughts and actions this new vibrant mindset with everyone I meet.  I know it is hardly enough now, but I believe it is the most realistic thing to do for this world.  Let’s all get together, unveil and manifest the true reality—that there is one sexy and seductive soul in each one of us yearning for its total expression!

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