The Inherent Genius and Artist in All

There is an inherent genius in you. You may think of a genius as someone highly intelligent in a particular field, but you are a genius in regards to your unique combination of temperament, traits, experiences, cognition, learning styles, strengths, and passions—no one can offer what you can offer.  Your essence is your creativity—no one else is the unique mix that is you.

Each of us are inherently endowed with a piece of the truth, with a profundity, depth, and understanding of truth no other soul can fathom without the aid of the one bestowed with it (that’s you!). Thus there is not one soul who does not have a place on this planet, who does not belong, who is not a creator of a crucial puzzle piece of the truth.  A goal of all existence is to bring truth back together into its oneness by connecting the puzzle pieces.  No piece is negligible, no piece is too small.  Each piece is universe in itself within the greater universe of truth.

Every soul paints a perspective of the truth. Each perspective is a brilliant painting on its own, and expresses one’s distinctive touch and taste.  Artists tell of how no painting can be truly spontaneously replicated—each painting carries the trademark spirit of its artist, even when each artist paints the exact same subject.

Each perspective is not just one part of the objective truth—it also carries the artist’s own signature subjectivity. But it is a prejudice these days to dismiss the subjective, for as important as what is expressed is how it is expressed—there is so much of the truth revealed in the how.  We witness the same truth, but what we learn from one another is how another expresses it.

The mission of each person is in the translation of truth, and two such tools often used for its translation are words and concepts. Truth is conveyed through language, philosophies, and worldviews.  Each of these is truth’s carriers, but not truth in itself, for at the same time they obscure it like a map illustrating a territory.  When one lays eyes on a breathtaking natural landscape, she knows no picture can truly illustrate it.  Truth is unfathomable in its depth and beauty—thus the best exemplar of it is its very being.

If truth is best conveyed through one’s “very being,” this provides for a greater symbolism than language. Truth is best exemplified through experiencing it, by living life in tune with one’s being, with one’s unique gifts.  Language is important, and philosophers and poets have a significant place in the world, but it is the moment-to-moment living, even in these philosophers and poets, that is a deeper translation of the truth.  Life is to be lived beautifully, and beauty is not just in ecstatic but in the mundane in life.

When a soul is out of touch with its nature, it no longer paints the truth as best it can. When one lives merely in the conceptions of what it is or should be, rather than in “being,” truth has been twisted and distorted.  It is when an artist is “simply being” he paints best.  When aided but un-trapped by the concept, he is like a vessel through which the truth elegantly flows.

A philosopher needs to be an aesthete in order to help lost individuals. He knows deep within each soul there is a unique, picturesque perspective of the truth, and encourages each soul to paint it in its own style, for that will give it its most authentic, and thus most accurate, presentation from its own perspective of the truth.  He does so by helping others align with their own “being.”

If you have not felt like you developed your gifts, by simply being yourself and existing, you are irreplaceable. Even if you don’t know what your gifts are, by “simply being”—by existing and simply let the world interact with your existence—you automatically provide a source of enlightenment to others around you.  You are by nature a gift.  You may not consciously know how, for this all happens quite naturally, below the radar of your consciousness.  Trust that it happens; watch as it happens.  Developing your gifts naturally happens in the process of “simply being.”  “Simply being” is not only a good start in trying to get yourself back in tune with your essence, it is the ultimate ends of existence.  Yes, the “ends” of existence is a process.  The ends of all existence, oddly enough, turns out not an “ends” at all—it is the process of “simply being.”

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