How the 8th Function is Expressed

The 8th Function is the role function. It is called a role function because it is the function we “put on” when we interact with others. It is the function that is worn like a mask, and it is used in the service of society.

The 8th function is a “bold function”, which means that is it that one makes a big effort to express itself. It can appear a bit exaggerated. It is a weak function as well. Being both bold and weak, it gives off the impression of being a bit stiff and stilted. A person who has your 8th function as a 1st function will complain you are over-doing the function while at the same time over-simplifying it.

I definitely see it play out as (1) the initial impression others of you (2) as a way to “dress up” the message of the dominant function to make it relatable to others (3) for recreational purposes (just for fun). I do see people enjoy the use of their 8th function. The reason why it is not a valued function is because it is not taken as essential or as seriously.

There is a level of tolerance people have for this function, and even a certain degree of openness to it, especially in comparison to the PoLR (7th Function). I definitely do see a level of consideration people have towards their 8th function, whereas they will shut down incoming information that touches upon their 7th function automatically.

I see the 8th function as playing an essential role as to the person’s contribution to the group, and the person usefully serve the purposes of this function for the group. Everyone deliberately makes an effort through the 8th function to help others.

The designation of this function as weak is an oversimplification. The 8th function should be said to be adequately effective in its service to society, making the person appear to do a somewhat decent job in it, though it is definitely not as sophisticated as the secondary or primary function.

One is remembered by others by the service they provide through their 8th function because this function creates a strong impression. Part of the reason why is that it is opposite in attitude to the 5th function (e.g. 5th function of INFP is Fe, and the INFP’s 8th function is Ti, Ti is opposite in attitude to Fe). The 5th function is one people ignore and avoid the use of despite it being strong. Therefore the type creates the opposite impression of the 5th function, making the 8th function appear strong at first.

People may even get caught up in their 8th function, even limiting the aim of the dominant function. This is because when the 8th function is on, the 1st function is off.

The 8th function is a consciously wielded function. What this means is that a person can use the function when the time calls for it, upon their own will. Even though the 3rd function is of similar strength to the 8th function, the 3rd function is unconscious. That means the person cannot stay focused on the function, even if they want to keep putting their attention to it. The 3rd function will ebb and flow away. One is unable to control when it comes, and when it goes. This, along with the “role” nature of the 8th function, makes it appear stronger than the 3rd function to others.

Similar to the “Rising Sign” in Astrology

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