“Leon is an amazing mentor who can adapt to anything I say and illustrate a point. No matter the personality type of the client, Leon ensures an understanding, and creates alternative perspectives the client has not considered. He inspired me to constantly catch lasting lessons from the epiphanies life throws at me. I am grateful for such a support.”

-Eric N.

“Leon has brought out of me insights and clarity into my own life. In a warm, nonjudgmental, patient and accepting way he explored deep and complex personal and relationship issues with me which I can seldom share with others.”

-King C.

“Through visualization exercises and heartfelt conversations, Leon has guided me in realizing my inner strength and own sense of freedom which I longed for. He helped me realize what values are important to me as I go forward into the future.”

-Jessica P.

“Leon’s quick to ask what your passions are, and wants to help you find a path that satisfies your own creativity, no matter what drives it.”

-Kristen M.

“Leon is a great intuitive listener, able to explore the meaning and purpose of my life with me, letting myself realize the kind of influence I have on others and put my life into perspective. He is able to ask empowering questions that made me think deeply, and I cherish my time with him.”

-Wade C.

“Leon has tapped into my inner core and helped me realize the strengths I have in the face of hardship, and what I can do to work off of them so I remain resilient.”

-Jessica G.